New Features

  • Submission Author Order: Authors can now be re-ordered and marked as “Primary”
  • Skip Logic in Competitions & Grants: You can use scenario-based questions (skip-logic) in Competitions and Grants
  • Automatic Review Assignment Update: Creating a Review Phase after receiving submissions now automatically assigns your submissions into this new phase
  • Multiple Users in Events Exports: Can now be used in the user fields
  • Access Restrictions: We have increased the options to restrict submissions based on purchases
  • Reach Calendar Update: We have added a feature that allows you to publish personal iCal calendars for mobile subscriptions which update in real-time
  • Submission Export: You can now configure whether to export the Primary Author
  • Scroll to Top Option: Can now be used when changing pages in a multi-page Submission Forms
  • Eligibility Criteria for Grants and Competitions: You can now build forms that require certain answers from users to allow them to proceed

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug linked to using Yes/No input fields with Skip Logic
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